Elevate Your Evenings: A Guide to Asheville’s Leading Rooftop Bars

Asheville, a city renowned for its vibrant arts scene and panoramic mountain views, offers some of the most enchanting rooftop bars in the region. Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy a romantic evening under the stars or a lively spot to mingle with friends, Asheville’s rooftop bars provide the perfect setting. Each venue not only captivates with its distinctive blend of ambiance and architectural charm but also serves up a unique cocktail experience that mirrors the city’s eclectic spirit.

Discover the Heights of Hospitality

Exploring Asheville’s rooftop bars is akin to discovering hidden gems in a treasure chest of the city’s nightlife. Each establishment brings something unique to the table, from upscale lounges to laid-back beer gardens. But what makes these spots truly stand out? It’s not just the quality of the drinks or the elegance of the settings—it’s their ability to merge Asheville’s historic charm with contemporary luxuries, making each visit a distinct encounter. Such venues are crucial in representing Asheville’s eclectic personality, showcasing how the city marries its rich history with modern flair.

Panoramic Pleasures at The Montford Rooftop Bar

Located atop the Hyatt Place Hotel, The Montford is not just about drinks; it’s an experience. With unobstructed views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a menu featuring local craft beers and seasonally inspired cocktails, this bar encapsulates the essence of Asheville. The rooftop setup encourages social gatherings while also offering secluded spots for those seeking a quiet evening under the stars. This versatility makes The Montford a perfect example of hotels in Asheville with a rooftop restaurant and bar that cater to all visitors, whether they’re locals looking for a casual night out or travelers seeking a memorable mountain sunset.

Hemingway’s Cuba: A Taste of Havana in the Heart of Asheville

Perched on the Cambria Hotel’s fourth floor, Hemingway’s Cuba offers a flavorful escape to the tropics. This venue combines the sultry ambiance of Havana with breathtaking views of downtown Asheville. From the authentic Cuban cuisine to the handcrafted Daiquiris, every detail is curated to transport guests straight to the colorful streets of Cuba. The establishment not only enriches Asheville’s dining scene but also stands out as one of the hotels in Asheville with a rooftop restaurant and bar that offers a cultural immersion, making it a must-visit destination for those who cherish global flavors paired with local scenery.

A Toast to Asheville’s Craft Culture

Asheville’s identity is deeply intertwined with its craft beverage scene. The rooftop bars in the city not only showcase spectacular views but also highlight the local brewing and distilling crafts. This celebration of local talents provides patrons with a taste of Asheville’s community-driven spirit, which is a cornerstone of the city’s allure.


These establishments, pivotal in the landscape of hotels in Asheville with a rooftop restaurant and bar, serve as hubs where craft connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike can discover the flavors that make Asheville unique.

Craft Cocktails at Capella on 9

Situated in the AC Hotel, Capella on 9 stands out as one of the premier hotels in Asheville with a rooftop restaurant and bar. It offers a refined environment where one can enjoy artisan cocktails and small plates. The views here extend from the urban landscape of downtown Asheville to the serene Blue Ridge Mountains, providing a backdrop that’s as impressive as the menu. The bar’s commitment to using local ingredients exemplifies Asheville’s farm-to-table philosophy, further cementing Capella on 9’s reputation as a leading destination for those seeking a luxurious yet authentic Asheville experience.

Highland Brewing Company: Asheville’s Pioneer in Craft Beer

Not typically known for a rooftop setting, Highland Brewing Company nevertheless offers an elevated drinking experience.


This pioneering brewery in Asheville’s craft beer scene includes a rooftop area that hosts live music and events, showcasing the communal vibe that Asheville is famous for. While it might diverge from the traditional image of hotels in Asheville with a rooftop restaurant and bar, it delivers an authentically Asheville experience by combining its rich brewing history with a vibrant social atmosphere, making it a key player in the city’s nightlife and cultural showcase.

Embracing Asheville’s Evening Elegance

These establishments are more than just places to drink; they are cultural beacons that reflect the dynamic and diverse character of Asheville. They embody the city’s commitment to combining stunning natural beauty with urban sophistication, making them ideal for anyone looking to elevate their evening plans.

In Asheville, the rooftop bar scene is as diverse and inviting as the city itself. Whether you’re visiting for the panoramic views, the craft cocktails, or the unique dining options, the experience is bound to lift your spirits. Remember, visiting hotels in Asheville with a rooftop restaurant and bar not only enhances your travel experience but also provides a picturesque glimpse into the heart of the city. So next time you’re in Asheville, why not elevate your evening by visiting one of these spectacular rooftop destinations?